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Brian is the exception to the rule when it comes to preconceptions or stereotypes of contractors: he was truly committed to our projects, has consistently been warm and personable (so much so that we actually look forward to our meetings with him, not something we could say about other contractors), he was reliable, honest to a fault, and he followed up on his projects long after their completion (for instance, just recently this has included working with and assisting with required forest harvesting). More than a contractor, brian was intricately involved as a trusted consultant in all aspects of thinking and building our house.  that includes all aspects of design (structural, hvac, landscaping, and so forth), and with all the necessary (and excellent) referrals. He has been essential in putting the meaning of ‘home’ in our second home.”

~Paascal & Sarah, Reading, VT

Brian Bontrager of Bontrager Custom Builders has done such a great job on renovation projects on our 200+ year old farmhouse in Bridgewater, that we have returned to him again and again for further improvements. Brian has made all of our projects easy , and delivers a great quality of workmanship at a reasonable price.  Brian has taken care of us as well as our house, and we consider him a friend we would absolutely recommend.”

~Timon & Lori, VT

Working with Brian has been a wonderful experience. Building a house from over 1000 miles away with Brian has been fun and stress free.  I could not image doing it any other way.  The ideas, craftsmanship, and communication during our project was exceptional. He takes your ideas and improves them – the end product/result is better than we could have hoped.”

~Bob & Gina – Wisconsin

Brian is the best contractor we have ever worked with.  He is creative with suggestions regarding the overall building plan, listens and responds to your goals, and highly knowedgable about the construction work force in the area to identify people who can help where he cannot.Brian is reliable, friendly, and stays with you long after the project is completed to make sure everything continues to work well.  He is particularly helpful if you are not on site and a problem may have developed.Brian understood our interest in having a very open and light filled design. Since we did our renovation in stages, he was thinking about future work as he went through each phase in the project.  In the very first renovation, that included remodeling the kitchen he made  a key recommendation related to taking down non-supporting walls and opening up access to the stairway to the basement that was key to all future phases and makes our upstairs a wonderfully livable space.”

~Sam & Cheryl, Plymouth, VT