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Hiring A Contractor – Where do I start?

Hiring a general contractor can seem like a daunting task with more questions than answers. With Bontrager Custom Builders we strive to change that experience. After contacting us for an initial phone consultation, we’ll meet at your property and review the vision of your project. It’s always a creative collaboration, as we bring our many years of experience to the table. This allows you to be as involved as you want.

We gladly work with any architect, and alternatively offer in-house design based on what was discussed and a cost estimate will be generated.  At this phase, it’s easier to visualize the finished project and so revisions and additions are common. Unlike most contractor experiences, we welcome and encourage your input at all phases of the project to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Next we’ll work to make your vision a reality while keeping to your budget. We may ask you to look at magazines and websites to get more clarity on what you’re envisioning when it comes to the details. During construction, if you’d like, we’ll always update you with digital images of progress and be open to any questions or input you may have. Communication throughout the project ensures that you’re happy with the finished product.

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